Help -- Email Tokens


Personalize your message by using tokens which merge lead data into each email that goes out.

You can create a message with a personal greeting, "Dear Susie," just by using "Dear [First]."

Tokens can be used in both the html and plain text message areas. Put the one-word token in square brackets, like this:


When using tokens, you can provide a default value that is printed if that field is empty, like this:

[First Valued Customer]

If you are using "Dear [First Valued Customer]" and the first name field is empty, your email will contain "Dear Valued Customer."

Tokens are automatically created for every data field you have in your Open Leads account, so you can personalize email messages with that data. For example you can reference an item that the lead is interested in, or their spouse's name, if you have that data in a field in your account.

Using the [signature] or [leadsignature] token in your email in closing will insert the signature you created in your Personal Profile section into your email message. The distinction between the two tokens relates to whom is sending the email message. The token "[signature]" inserts the logged in user's signature, whereas the "[leadsignature]" token inserts the first assigned user on the lead which is receiving the email, no matter which user is logged in.

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