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Version 1

"Apply to View" Dropdown Menu

Account Administrator Settings

Adding a Task

Adding Comments

Adding Leads to your account

"Apply to Results" Dropdown Menu

Archiving Leads

Attachments (Files) to Emails

Archiving Leads

Bouncing Emails

Campaign Read/UnRead Filter

Completing a Task

Configure your account

Copying Leads from one account to another

Creating a Filter Group

Creating Management Reports using Views


Dashboard - Account Message

Dashboard - Calendar

Dashboard - Graphs

Dashboard - Leads View

Deleting Leads

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Workflow Triggers


Export Leads


Filtering your Lead database


Grouped Leads


Importing Leads

Lead Detail

Lead List

Lead Status/Pipeline

Mail Merge (Labels)

Manage Fields

Manage Forms

Manage Messages (Email Message Library)

Manage Styles

Mange Types

Manage Users

Manage Workflows

Manage Opportunity Labels

Managing your Views

Mark Lead Read or Unread

Mass addition of a Task

Mass Apply Custom Fields

Mass assignment/removal of a single User

Mass Grouping of Leads

Mass updating Lead Status/Pipeline

Mobile Friendly Forms

Printing a PDF Report

Profile Settings

Mass Apply Remove Pending Tasks and Emails


Sending a Mass Email

Sending a Single Email

Settings Tab

Task Types


Tasks Tab


User Settings


Using HTML in Open Leads Emails





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