Help -- Manage Messages


The Manage Messages section, accessed by clicking on the Messages icon located off the Settings tab, is where you can construct and store saved email messages that will often be used as Autoresponders or frequently used sales messages.


To add a new message, click the "Add Message" link located directly below the Manage Messages title header. This will open the email editor screen. By mousing over the appropriate row you can edit the subject title, message body, from information, as well as upload any files you wish. Note that uploaded files will be presented to your recipients as links, rather than attachments.


Messages saved to the Library can be referenced in Workflows to be used as an Autoresponder, or can be used as "templates" for your sales staff to use for common replies. By using the Token system (which is explained in detail on the Manage Messages screen), you are able to insert fields from your database into the body of the message. For example, you can use "Dear [First]:" as your greeting, and the recipient will receive an email addressed to them personally.


To load a saved message, choose "Load from Library" on the email composition screen. To use a saved message as an Autoresponder, choose it from the available list of messages as you create your Workflow.

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