Help -- Dynamic Fields Examples


Sample Dynamic Field / Workflow Examples

Below are some examples of how to use Dynamic Fields kicking off Workflows based upon specific responses.



"Open Leads will kick off specific Workflows to those answers"



Example 1 - Does the Customer need to Sell Home before buying


Selecting "Yes" - kicks off a Drip Email Campaign to keep the customer informed AND on your Warm List


Selecting "No" - Moves your Potential Buyer to your Hot List and Schedules an immediate contact.





Example 2 - This example is a Support Issue - Open will automatically assign the Lead to whomever has the correct responsibility.


Selecting any one of the five Support Issues will Assign this lead to that department, send out a Notification to that department head and Schedule a Task for a Follow Up Phone  Call







Example 3 - This is part of a Survey form that Customer completes after visiting a potential Home for Sale

Selecting 1 Star (Not Very Interested) - Automatically set a Workflow that initiates a Drip Email Campaign and moves their Status to "Cold" for this Home


Selecting 5 Stars (Very Interested) - Automatically Sets a Task for an immediate Contact Phone Call.






Example 4 - Selecting a particular model will Automatically send the customer an email with that model's Floorplan attached as well as Specs for that home.





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