Help -- Manage Styles


As a part of the Form System, Open Leads allows users to create "Styles" to override the stock appearance of forms hosted within their Open Leads account.


Most users use this feature to style the form to match their company website, although it could also be used to merely change the look of the form to something more vibrant or more suited to the purpose of the form.


The Styles in Open Leads uses standard HTML and overrides the default HTML for the form.

To create a new Style, open the Forms List from your Settings Tab. Next to the "Add Form" link is a link called "Manage Styles." Clicking this link will open the Styles List and clicking on "Add Style" will open the Style Editor.


Styles consist of an HTML Header and Footer to wrap the form in. Users with a good knowledge of HTML will be able to directly enter their HTML into the header and footer sections with no problem. Less experienced users may elect to create their HTML in an external editor, such as Nvu (available as a free download here).


Users may create as many Styles as the need for their various forms. In addition, the same Style can be applied to as many forms as needed.


To apply a Style to a form, edit the form and then from the left side of the edit screen, click on the Styles line, and select the Style you wish to apply from the dropdown.


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