Help -- Dynamic Workflow Triggers


This new feature allows incoming form field values to trigger workflows. Rules are conditional, and specified by you. Any number of rules are allowed for any 1 field. Click Here for Examples


Note: You'll want to take care in knowing which workflows are being triggered for which forms and their respective fields. In very rare cases do you ever want 2 identical workflows firing at the same time.


How To Use


1) Go to Settings > Forms. From there either edit an existing form or create a new one. Note: you must have already set up your fields in Settings > Fields.


2) Click on the Edit Pencil for any field. This will open up the edit interface where you will then find the Enable/Disable toggle button. Enable the Dynamic Workflow Trigger.




3) Click the Add Rule button to start adding your rules. Depending upon which field type you are in, the rule choices will change to compliment the logic. You may add as many rules as you would like to any 1 field. When adding a rule you will also need to pair that rule with a workflow to be triggered.





1) You may remove a rule by clicking on the black remove icon that is located to the far right of every rule. 


2) You can keep all of your rules saved, but totally disable the Dynamic Workflow Trigger which will ensure no workflows are triggered when a form comes in.


3) If you remove a field from your form, those rules will also be removed from the database. You will then need to create new rules when adding another field.


4) The system will not allow you to pair a workflow with a rule that's already being used on the form level. Also by contrast you cannot use a workflow on the form level that is already in use within a Dynamic Workflow Trigger.


5) Remember, these Dynamic Workflow Triggers will only fire if the individual filling out the form meets all criteria specified in the rule you set up.