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Views are a custom data screen created by the user to filter Leads by any number of criteria for sorting Leads, creating reports, exporting data to another application, printing mail labels, doing mail merges, or for sending mass emails.


Any General Field, Custom Field, Type, or User can be used to set up a filter. By selecting “Add Filter” and then using the dropdown lists provided, select your first filter. You can then decide to use a “True/False,” include or exclude, or other variable to define the filter. You may add multiple filters for any one view to narrow down the results.


Additional filter functionality is possible using Filter Groups.


If your View results are not what you were expecting, try modifying your filters until the data is what you want. You may add and delete filters as needed at any time.


In addition to Filters, there are several columns you may change to display the results you are looking for. The Name column can be sorted alphabetically, just by clicking on "Name" - click once for alphabetical sort, and again for inverse alphabetical sort.


The next two columns are custom content columns - they can display data from any of the fields in your account. Simply click on the blue asterisk next to the column name, and choose the field from the dropdown. These fields can also be sorted alphabetical in the same manner as the name field.


The next column is the Date Added/Modified Column. Choose between the date the lead was added and the date the lead was last modified, again by clicking on the asterisk beside the column name, and choosing between the two options. Like the other columns, you may click to sort in chronological order or inverse chronological order.


The final two columns are used to display the User assigned to the lead and the Types it belongs to. You can choose to hide or show the content of these columns, and on the Type column, can choose to show all of the Types the lead belongs to or only the first one assigned.


Once you have a view that displays the data to your satisfaction, click on "Save this view" located next to the Search Box near the top of your lead list screen to name and save this View.


Using a View for Reporting

Users can sort and filter their data using the View system for many uses, including reporting. By defining a date range within a view (such as for the current month), Views can be used to see the leads added during that date range. OPEN Leads uses SmartDate Technology to allow you to enter phrases into the date fields (such as, “This Month,” “One Week,” etc) to define a date. You may also choose options such as “in this month,” or “in the last month” when filtering a date field. This feature makes it easy to create a view such as “New Leads this Month,” or “Hot Prospects This Month.” You may also filter data within a view by the content of any of the custom fields, allowing you to find specific data within your search for displaying on the screen or exporting to Excel.


Apply to Results

Above the far right column in any Lead List View is a dropdown which allows you to apply certain things to the view you see on the screen. Among these includes your Mass Email and Export to CSV options, as well as Add/Remove Types, Add/Remove User, Print Mail Labels, and Print PDF Reports.

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