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Leads are viewed from the Lead List, which is accessed via the Leads tab in your account. This Lead List functions much like an email in-box, with new, unread Leads listed at the top, and highlighted in blue.

By default the leads appear in the All Assigned Leads View – which has the Lead's Name, Address, Date Added, and Type (or types). You can create custom Views to meet your needs and preferences.

You may also search for any data displayed in your views using the Search Box.

Lead List

From the Lead List you may also perform additional tasks using the "Apply to results" Dropdown Menu. These include:

Lead List with Dropdown

Selecting Leads from the List for Mass Updates


Mass Email

Mail Merge

Assign/Remove User

Assign Remove Type

Mass Update Status/Pipeline


Mass Assign a Task

Mass Group

Mark Read/Unread




Adding and importing of Leads is also done from this tab.

Importing your Leads

Adding a Lead to your Account


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