Help -- Attachments


Adding a file as an attachment or for embedding in the body of an email is managed from the email composition screen. To add an attachment to an email message, you must first be in the Email Edit screen in Open Leads. Below the Message Body section, there is line labeled "Attachments." Click in this field and you will be prompted to choose the file (attachment) you wish to add to the message. Choose the file and then click on "Save." Every time you add a file, a token is generated to the left of the file name (e.g. /safe/a/123/). The file will then be appended to your plain-text email as a link to allow the recipient to view the file, or it can be embedded in the body of the email using the file "Token" or HTML code. Examples of token use are: Download our brochure: /safe/a/123/ or, for an html email: Download You can even upload images and use them in your html email: