Help -- Users


Add your Users


Add all of your users to your account first thing. You do not need to share their login information with your users until you are ready for them to begin using Open Leads, but having them in your account will make the setup of other elements, like Workflow, easier.


To add a user, click on the “Settings” Tab, then on the “Users” Icon. You will see a list of current users, and at the top of the list you will see a link called, "Add User." Click on this link to add your first user.



Enter their email address and the click "Continue." You will then be prompted to enter their name, and then enter and confirm, a password for their account. The password can be anything you wish, the only requirement is that it be a minimum of four characters. Also set their time zone here and assign their access permissions. Administrators can also change and update passwords and user email addresses, update permissions, or disable access for each of their users at any time.



Permissions - a variety of user permissions are available as you set up your new users. Leaving all the options unchecked gives your users "basic" access, and restricts them to viewing/working only the Leads that are assigned to them.




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