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Tasks are “To-Do” items and can be assigned to a Lead (for something like a Follow Up Call), a user, and can be Scheduled or Non-Scheduled.


Adding and Editing Tasks

Tasks are generally added as needed manually from the Lead detail screen, or can be automatically applied via a Workflow - either as a webform is filled out or as you apply an existing workflow to a lead.
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Lead Detail


To manually add an Task to a lead, click the Add Task in the Task Box on the right column of the Lead Detail Screen. Then give the Task a name, add a detailed description if you desire, schedule it (if needed), and finally click the “Save” button. Optionally, by using the Run function, you may add complexity to the Task by updating the lead upon completion of the Task - via use of a Workflow that triggers upon completion of the task.


Logical Branching

Should you choose, you can insert logic statements in an Task, causing two completely different results based on a branching statement you place ahead of the Run Functions.


An example of this would be adding an Task for “Setting an appointment” - you could have a Type called “Appointment Scheduled” and one Type called “No Appointment Scheduled.” When adding the Task “Call to set up appointment” you could enable the logical branching with the question, “Did prospect set appointment?” Then set the “If yes” option to add the type “Appointment Scheduled,” and consequently, have the Type “No Appointment Set” added to the Lead for the “If no” option.

Tasks which are scheduled will have a date/time stamp from the time they are created, and will allow you to track the proximity to the scheduled completion date, and also allow you to optionally set a reminder email to be sent at a pre-determined time before the Task is scheduled for.

Viewing Your Task List

Your entire task list may be viewed from the Tasks Tab.

Completed Tasks

Tasks are completed by the user from the Lead Detail Screen or from the Dashboard, simply by clicking the green "Checkmark" icon next to the Task, and then confirming.

Completed Tasks are listed on the Lead Detail Screen and are also stored in the database. This allows them to be searched and managed by clicking on the Completed Tasks view in your Lead List.

Lead Detail

Tasks Tab


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