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The Manage Fields screen is used to add additional fields to your account as well as edit and/or remove existing ones. Additionally, you may now create labels (which appear in bold) to organize your fields into appropriate sections. For instance if you have created a lot of fields related to your Billing department you might find it useful to create a label named Billing and place all of your billing related fields underneath it. Keep in mind that labels are only used for organizing your fields within the Manage Fields screen. They may not be used within forms, workflows, or a lead detail screen.

To add an additional Field to your account, click on the Settings tab, then on "Fields" icon. From within the Manage Fields screen select the link "Add Field." You will then be able to name the field and select the type of data it will contain. Some common data types are: text, numbers, and checkboxes. Fields are commonly used in the creation of forms as well when adding fields to a lead detail to store relevant information to that lead. To edit an existing field mouse over the field you wish to edit and choose the pencil icon. You will then be prompted to change the name of the field. Depending on the type of field you've created you may also have the option of changing the data entry type. To remove a field mouse over the field you wish to remove and click the red box icon. Be warned that removing a field here will also remove it from any forms that it is already being used in. To change the order of the fields within your Manage Fields screen mouse over the field and select the click to drag arrow. Drag the field to whatever position you would like to place it on your list.

You can also quickly and easily create multiple choice data fields by selecting the drop-down or radio button data type and entering the items you wish to display.


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