Help -- Mass Grouping of Leads


In addition to creating a lead group from within the lead detail screen you can also group leads together by using the Group feature. The group option is available by accessing the drop down menu located directly above the Type column. Note that this option will only appear if you have checked one or more checkboxes on the far right side of your lead list. Also note that you can only check boxes from one results screen at a time.


For example let's say you wish to group all the leads you have from employees at Smith and Associates into a single lead group. Your first step will be to add the custom column "Company Name" to the lead list you are viewing. Once you have done this you can simply search for "Smith and Associates" by using your search box. Let's say that search returns 8 results. By clicking the checkbox on the far right column of your lead list you will select all 8 of your returned results. To place them into a lead group select the option "Group" from the menu located directly above the type column. Pulling up one of these grouped leads will provide links to access the other leads in that group from within that lead's lead detail.


You will also have the option of seeing all of the comments/history entries made about each of the group's leads from within any of the grouped leads history sections.