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Creating a Filter Group


When adding filters to your lead list to display only certain leads (i.e. Leads from this month which Salesperson A is assigned to) situations may arise where you will need to add an additional layer to your search. For example your first set of filters is set up match ALL leads matching the filter set:

"User is User Salesperson A"
"Date Added is in this month"

This search will return only results matching both of these filters. What if you also wanted to return results that had the lead pipeline status of either "Hot" OR "Warm. Since your first set of filters was set to match ALL results you would not be able to add the following filters to that first group since you now want to return a set of results matching either one of a pair of new filters.

"Status/Pipeline Status is Hot" OR
"Status/Pipeline Status is Warm"

To solve this dilemma you can simply create an additional set of filters. This is what is referred to as a "Filter Group". This group of filters is separate from the first set of filters you created. Lets say for example that the first group of filters mentioned above returned 15 leads. Setting up this second group of filters to return leads whose pipeline status is either hot or warm will search the initially returned 15 leads resulting from the first filter group's results. This second filter group will return only those leads whose status is either hot or warm as defined by the second filter group you created.

Add a lead via import

In essence you are adding an additional search layer to your initial search. Filter groups are designed to allow you additional flexibility when searching your lead database for desired results.

To add a filter group select the link "Add Filter Group". Filters are created in the exact same way as when you are creating a single set of filters.

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