Help -- Adding Leads to Your Account


There are three simple ways to add leads to your Open Leads account. Each is detailed in turn.

Manual- The most basic way to enter a lead into the system is to simply click on the "Add Lead" link located directly under the lead list header.
 Add a lead manually
By choosing "Add Lead Manually" you are limited to entering the leads first and last name as well as their company name. Entering a lead this way is useful if your in a hurry and you quickly need to remember someone's name. Filling out these fields and pressing the submit button will save this person's name/company information as a lead in your account. When you have the time you can go back to their lead detail and fill out any missing information (phone, email, fax, etc.). Additionally you may attach any custom fields created in your account to this lead from within the lead detail.

Import- Another popular way of entering leads into the system is through use of the import feature. This feature allows you the ability to enter a number of leads into your account through the use of a comma separated value (csv) file.
Add a lead via import
An example of a common csv file is an excel spreadsheet. For efficiency it is recommended that you import csv files containing 10,000 lines or less. For more information on importing leads please consult the Importing Leads help entry.

HTTP Post- The third method of entering leads into your account is through the creation of forms. To create a form navigate to the forms icon located off the settings page.
Creating a form to use to enter your leads
You will give your form a name and create it by adding fields and custom design. For detailed information on creating a form please consult the Forms help entry. When you create a form the system will produce a customized http web link for you to paste into your browser bar. By using that link you can add leads to your account from anywhere in the world in which you have internet access. You don't even have to be logged into your account to do so.

Additionally, you can also access this form from within your account by clicking the same "Add Lead" link located at the top of your leads list. In this instance you will look for the section "Add Lead from Form" from the resulting drop down menu. Under this section you will see a list of all the forms that have been created within your account. Choosing the appropriate form name will display all the created fields for that form. Once you have entered all the information you have(you must enter data for all required form fields) press save. All entered lead information and form fields will automatically be present within the resulting lead detail. Form fields that were not filled out will still exist within the lead detail but they will not have any lead data.

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