Help -- Mass addition of a task


You have the ability to assign the same task to as many of your leads as you need with just one click of the mouse. From your leads list (located off of the Leads tab) you will need to choose any of your pre- created views to see that entire list. Once you have chosen the correct view choose "Add Task" from the drop down menu located directly above the Type column. From there you will identify what the task is (i.e Make follow up call. You also have the option of scheduling the task for a certain period in time. For example lets say a view named "Phone Leads" has been created. This list is a filtered list of all your leads that have been assigned the type "Phone Lead". These are your leads who wished to be contacted by phone. If you wanted to place a reminder to contact each of them about a big promotion you will simply need to create one task (i.e. Call Lead regarding upcoming promotion) and select a time for the task.Lets say you wanted to make these calls on 12/17/2008. When adding the task specify this date by checking the box beside the word "Scheduled". If your Phone Lead view contains 25 leads you will have 25 tasks to be completed on 12/17/2008. You will see these 25 tasks by looking at your calendar (located on the dashboard).