Help -- Deleting Leads


Chances are great that leads will need to be deleted from your lead list from time to time. If you wish to remove a dead lead simply use the delete function. Note that this feature is available only to account administrators and users who have been assigned the delete permission from their account administrator. There are several ways to delete leads. To delete a single lead select the "Delete" link from inside the corresponding lead detail screen. Once deleted that lead will be immediately placed into a secondary lead list for a period of 30 days before it is completely purged from your account. This 30 day holding period is built in to ensure that mistakenly deleted leads can be easily recovered within a suitable timeframe. To restore a mistakenly deleted lead navigate to the Archived Leads icon located off of the settings tab. Search for the name of the lead in question. Click on that lead's lead detail. From within the lead detail select the link "Restore from Archive". To delete an entire view at one time select the appropriate view from the drop down menu at the top of the leads list screen (seen by clicking the leads tab). Once the view has been selected choose the delete function from the drop down menu located directly above the type column of the leads list.