Help -- Archiving Leads


If you wish to set aside leads from your leads list that you don't plan to work on in the immediate future you have the ability to archive these leads. Note: This feature is available only to account administrators and users who have been assigned the archive permission from their account administrator.

"Archiving" a lead removes the lead from the database and places it into a secondary database. Within this database you will find these leads you have chosen to archive along with leads you have chosen to delete. The leads you have chosen to delete will remain in this database for a period of 30 days before being purged. Please see the entry for deleting leads for information on that process. The leads you have archived will remain there forever or until you decide to restore them to your leads list.

There are several ways to archive leads. To archive a single lead click the link named "Archive" from within the lead detail screen.
Archive button on Settings Tab
To archive an entire created view make sure you are looking at the appropriate view. From the drop down menu located above the type column choose the option named "Archive".
Mass archive dropdown list
To select several leads to archive from the same screen click the check box on the far right side of the lead list and use the same drop down menu just mentioned.

To restore an archived lead navigate to the Archived Leads icon off the settings tab.
Archive button on Settings Tab
Search for the name of the lead that was archived. Once that lead has been found click on the lead detail of that lead. Choose the link "Restore from Archive". The lead will now reappear in the lead list. To restore an entire saved view select the appropriate view and choose "Restore from Archive" from the drop down list located above the archived leads list.


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