Help -- Printing a PDF Report


For many businesses producing a hard copy report of their sales leads is of great importance. Using Open's PDF report feature gives one the ability to produce such a report. The first step in this process is to navigate to the leads list. A PDF report can include your entire lead database or a subset of this list. Furthermore, the report will include the column fields that are present within your leads list. Users have the option of defining two custom fields within their leads view. To define custom column fields click on the asterisk icons located in the column field area. From here any field created within your account can be placed within the leads view. These custom columns will also be visible within the PDF report. This is helpful if you wish to include a prospect's email address and/or phone number within the PDF report. If you need a PDF report of your entire lead database make sure that you are looking at the All Leads view and that no filters are present. Next, access the drop down menu located above the "Type" column and select the option "PDF Report." On the PDF Report screen choose the appropriate text format of the report by using the "Report Format" drop down menu. Once the desired format is selected click the orange "Run" button. If you desire to run a PDF report pertaining only to a subset of your leads list you will need to make use of Filter system. Filters allow you the ability to sort your lead database to show a smaller subset of your lead list. A good example of this would be if you were a sales manager and wanted to see the sales leads of a particular sales rep during the last month. To do so you would simply create the necessary filters to display this data. You would then give this view a name for easy reference. From here you would follow the same process detailed above to produce a PDF report. If you need more assistance in creating views please click here "Views" It should be noted that the ability to view a PDF report requires you to have Acrobat PDF viewer software downloaded on your computer. This is a free download and can be obtained by visiting