Help -- Managing Opportunity Labels


Opportunity labels allow you the chance to define up to 10 different product lines/services that you offer to your clients. It is necessary to first define your product lines/services here so that you may integrate them within the Sales Pipeline feature. To begin you must give each Opportunity a name. If you were an insurance salesperson and selling renters insurance policies you might like to name the opportunity "Renters Policies". After you have established the name of the opportunity and pressed save you have the ability to define the progress level in the sales process of that particular opportunity. These steps are laid out as a series of percentage labels (i.e Label for 0%). For example you might define several of the labels in the following way: Label for 0% = Prospect Inquiry Label for 20% = Phone Call with Prospect Label for 70% = In person visit with Prospect Label for 100% = Prospect signed up for policy Once you have created your opportunities you can then incorporate them into your Sales Pipeline/Lead Status process. If this prospect is already a lead in your account or if you add them you can choose the opportunity "Renters Policies" by clicking on the row Opportunity under the Lead Status/Sales Pipeline menu. Once you have clicked access the resulting drop down menu and choose the appropriate Opportunity. Additionally you can also incorporate your defined opportunities into your workflows.