Help -- Export Leads


The purpose of the export feature is to place your lead information into an outside application such as Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet type application. Doing this allows you the ability to easily save your entire lead database or a selected portion in an easily accessible file that you can store locally on either on your office/home computer or on your storage media (i.e flash drive, CD or DVD) for easy transport or backup purposes.


To export your entire lead list simply clear all views and filters and select export from the dropdown menu directly above the type column. Selecting run will either open this file (if Excel is already installed) or allow you to save it on your computer. To open the export file simply open the spreadsheet application you have installed on your computer and open the export file from Open Leads that you have saved onto your computer. If you wish to export only a portion of your leads to an exported file, simply use any existing view you've created or create a new view using the filters of your choice.


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