Help -- Mass Apply Custom Fields Through Forms



You now have the ability to mass apply "blank" custom fields to all or some of your leads.


Simply go to your Leads Tab and Select which leads you want to add the fields to. Then use the Apply To View or Apply to Checked to Apply Form Fields.






Below is an example of a lead "Before" Mass Apply Form Fields.









You can see that ONLY  General Fields appear before, but when we

Mass Apply Form Fields we get:








Q: Will the Custom Fields have any data?

A: No, (except checkboxes which default to No).


Q: What if I already have one of the Custom Fields already in the lead.

A: The process will keep that Field and its data in place and not overwrite it.


Q: What happens if I mess up and apply the wrong form and its fields.

A: You'll have to remove them manually by going to each lead. So be careful.




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