Help -- Campaign Read or Unread Filter


New Campaign Filter: Read or Unread

You are now able to run a filter which queries "Email Campaigns" and returns a list of either "Is Read" or "Is Unread".


You can then Resend an Email or take the "Read" email recipients to the next level of your sales process. 





First Step - While on the Leads Tab



Click on the Filter By drop down





Step 2- Select "Campaigns"


The Campaigns filter will be at the bottom of the selection dropdown.







Step 3 - Select your Campaign by name, then choose either "is read" or "is unread" and hit save


You can Save This View also to recall quickly this particular query.







Step 4 - This will give you a list of the leads that you queried. At this point you can do anything with the lead list that you normally could do.







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