Help -- Filters


Users can filter their leads so that their Lead List only displays the Leads that meet certain criteria.

To add filters to you current view, click on "Show Filters." This will open an edit box to allow you to add your filters. As you add and save each filter, it will appear in bold font, and a new filter edit line will open. Any General Field, Custom Field, Type, or User can be used to set up a filter, and you may add as many as needed to narrow down your view to just the data you want to display.

If your View results are not what you were expecting, try modifying your filters until the data is what you want. You may add and delete filters on the fly, and the Lead List will update automatically below your filters.

If the view you have created is one that you will need to reference often (such as "Hot Prospects," for example), you may then click on "Save" in order to save this view. Once you have saved your view, you can quickly switch to it from the View dropdown list.


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