Help -- Using HTML in Open Leads


Using HTML allows you to creatively add images and other rich formatting to your email signatures and messages.


You may use any of the standard HTML formatting tags to enhance your text and the look of your messages in Open Leads.


To embed an image in an HTML email message, use standard image source tags, i.e. "< img src="graphicfile.jpg" >" plus any sizing constraints you need to use.


The only caveat is that either the image file has to be hosted on a public file server (such as Flickr or Photobucket) or your own web server and should be referenced with absolute links, OR, you can attach the file to the email itself and reference it using the "Token" that Open Leads assigns to it. For example - if you attached your logo to an email as a file attachment, it will be refered to once attached as [File XXXXXX]. Use this file Token in the image source tag, and you can display it in the body of your message, or in a signature you have created. In this instance, your HTML would be: < img src="[File XXXXXX]" >


Embedding an image in your signature file is done much the same way, but the file MUST be hosted on a remote file server.


To successfully use HTML in composing a message in Open Leads, a basic knowledge of HTML coding is highly recommended. A good basic tutorial can be found here: A good HTML editor with a WYSIWYG interface is also useful. A good open source editor is Nvu and is available as a free download for Windows or Mac here

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